Vice News – Blockchain Potential, Explained

Take a look at the excellent piece by Vice News that was broadcasted last week, I think you’ll really enjoy it!


Dividend Increase – TU (Telus)

Telus (TU) increased it’s quarterly dividend by 2.54% today, bringing its total quarterly dividend to $0.505/share up from $0.425/share. When companies increase their dividends with consistency, you can rest-assured that the company is making a profit and wants to share them with their shareholders.

Forward Yearly Dividends: $822.45

🚨 Alert – 1k Marriott Points Per Week 🚨

If you are a member of Marriott’s Rewards program, heck, even if you aren’t. You NEED to be taking advantage of their latest promotion. Anyone can sign up for a Marriott Rewards account, 100% free at You must add your twitter handle to your Marriott account in order to be rewarded. You can do this at after you create your account.

Every Sunday (football Sunday), Marriott’s twitter account is giving all it’s members the chance to earn 1,000 Marriott Points each week during football season. All you have to do is visit their twitter page every Sunday and answer a football related question. Simply “reply” to their tweet with the answer + #RewardsPoints. It’s really that easy. If you don’t know the answer, and can’t be bothered to “google it,” it’s simple enough to just look at others’ correct responses.

There are only 13 Sundays left in football season, so you can accumulate another 13,000 Marriott points by then, that’s almost enough for a free night!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 3.57.31 PM


Hormel Foods Acquires Columbus Manufacturing for $850 million

Hormel announced today that it will be acquiring Columbus Manufacturing, an artisanal packaged meat company for $850 million dollars.

Last year, Columbus had an annual sales figure of around $300 million with an estimated 5% annual growth moving forward.

As you can see from the landing page for, it’s similar to those companies that also seem to be targeting the millennial generation. Buzz words like: Crafted, Anti-biotic free, & Authentic are all the craze with the under 35 crowd that is staying away from highly processed products.

“Most people in the food business regard Columbus as the Gucci of premium deli meat,” Gregory Purcell said, the CEO of the private equity group that originally purchased Columbus for $213 million in 2012. I really like this comment, it defines a company with a good reputation within its customer base, something paramount with any food company. Look at the struggles Chipotle is having right now after years of branding itself as a healthy, real ingredients with no antibiotics , fast-food chain.

I believe this acquisition was the right move for Hormel as it works to capture more and more market share within the pre-packaged meats industry.

Recent Buy: OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors) – Repurchase with 8% off

Recent Buy: 10/31/17

Today, I purchased an additional 21 shares of OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors) for $28.585/share or $605.24 in total capital. I had 37 shares of OHI prior to this purchase in my Traditional IRA, bringing my total shares to 58. This increases my forward dividends by $54.60/year.

For Q3 of 2017, OHI underperformed what was expected by Wall St. consensus. The company missed their expected revenue figure by $44.4 million, despite being up 4.4% since the same time last year. These troubles stem from tenant, Orianna Health Systems is essentially behind on their rent. Trouble is, with the types of properties that OHI operates, you can’t simply close down and kick out current tenants because a large majority of them are the elderly with longterm care needs.

The missed earnings caused a pretty big sell off after-hours on the 30th, and today it looks like it’s recovered some of it’s losses. It’s a great dividend player that just went on sale. Time to pick up some more with a little bit of capital.

It will be interesting to see what the next dividend increase looks like, although management did say on their earnings call that they don’t expect much change.

Invest on! It looks like another dividend growth investor, My Dividend Pipeline, also took advantage today, with a lot more capital, too! Way to go!

Total Forward Dividends: $822.45

How To Get To Machu Picchu, Peru

Back on Christmas of 2016, my partner, two friends and I traveled to Machu Picchu via a flight into Lima, Peru. It’s no easy task getting around and navigating Peru, so hopefully this can help smooth out some of those speed bumps.

If you’ve ever had the itch to visit this Wonder of the World, we’ve created a quick, fun and informational video on exactly how to get to Machu Picchu.

Have you ever gone on a vacation that could have used a guide to help you get there?

Enjoy the video!

Recent Buy: T (AT&T) – Repurchase

Recent Buy: 10/25/17

Today, I purchased an additional 21 shares of T (AT&T) for $33.49/share or $708.33 in total capital. I had 25 shares of T prior to this purchase bringing my total shares to 46. This increases my forward dividends by $41.46/year.

ATT suffered a big sell off back when I first posted that I was closely watching T.  Today, it dropped another ~4% after a not so investor friendly earnings report for Q3 ’17. It reported 74¢ earnings per share, but Wall St. was expecting it to be 1¢ higher. That might not sound that much, but when you take a penny of 6.4 billion shares currently in supply, its a bit of a shocker. The good thing though, AT&T managed to add more wireless subscribers than was expected. (1 million more, actually)

If I stick to my original thesis on buying for the long-term, this stock is only more of a sale. No reason to not buy more if the reason I first invested in T hasn’t changed. This is a long term investment, with a very nice dividend yield, to boot. There may be more short-term declines and possibly a bumpy ride, but it’s one I’m willing to take for the next 5-10 years.

I highly suggest other dividend investors follow suit. This stock hasn’t been this low since the beginning of 2016, and that was when the market was beaten down as a whole. When life gives you a %10 discount into your retirement, I take it.

Total Forward Dividends: $767.85