$10k Milestone – Cryptocurrency Update

Anyone who bought into pretty much any of the top 3 crypto coins (by market cap), should have come close to doubling their money over the past month, as Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin have all had outrageous gains. Bitcoin is up 149%, Litecoin is up 419% and Ethereum is up 127% as of this writing (12/18/17).

Today, though I surpassed the $10,000 mark on total value of all of my 5 crypto coins, combined. I started with my first purchase in June, and have amassed nearly $3,000 in capital across 5 different coins over the last few months and just broke $7,000 in profits. If you watch the price of crypto’s, you’ll also know that all of these gains can be wiped away in a matter of minutes, but for now, I’ll enjoy the view from up here!

I don’t have any sense of a timeline as to when I might sell, but 10k is looking mighty easy to reach now. If 2018 can realize even half of what 2017 brought to cryptocurrencies, We all could be sitting on a very nice pile of cash.

Invest on, and don’t go run up your credit cards to go out and buy bitcoin. Although, I admit I may have borrowed some bank money to fund my crypto-piggy bank, but always have the capital to pay off your card before the billing cycle ends. And, no, buying coins at the start of a billing cycle and then selling coins before your credit card is due is a bad idea as the fee’s you’ll incur will probably not be worth the back and forth.

Milestone: MTCH (Match.com) 100% Gains

Today marked a relatively insignificant, but exciting milestone in my investing portfolio. my 26 shares of Match.com (MTCH) hit 100% profit, or more simply, I doubled my original investment. Granted, it was only $400 at the time, it marks my first stock to hit a double. I bought the stock back on 6/26/16, so my monthly average gains are about 5.9%, that’s pretty impressive considering it’s practically a blessing to see +8% gains per year! I have no plans to sell for any of the “unrealized” profit. (profits that you haven’t yet ‘claimed’ by selling a stock) I am in it for the long term 5+ years per stock and expect even greater returns form Match.com in the future.