Stocks I’m Selling as this Market Drops

…None. Sorry folks, but I always buy and hold for the long haul! You shouldn’t be selling anything if you original investment thesis still holds true.

Recent Buy: AAPL (Apple Inc.)

Recent Buy: 2/2/18

Today, I purchased 19 shares of AAPL (Apple Inc.) for $163.32/share or $3,103.07 in total capital. I had 0 shares of AAPL prior to this purchase. This increases my forward dividends by $47.88/year.

Although not a purist’s “dividend stock,” AAPL is a solid company that over the past few years has been increasing it’s dividend payout by nearly 10% yearly. That’s about as much as you can ask for, especially coupled with the natural growth of Apple as a business which should translate into increased share price. The price of AAPL is also at a near 6 month low, which looks like a good entry point to me. Throw in a quarter of disappointing iPhone sales, and you have a great company at a pretty good discount!

Forward Yearly Dividends: $1006.56

Just Blowing Off Steam

After a 59% rally from February 2016, it was about time the markets as a whole blew off a bit of steam. The pot was already getting frothy with pressure, so it was only a matter of when, not if.  We’ve all been spoiled lately because of an enormous lack of volatility in the stock market; we’ve seen weeks upon weeks of higher highs and new records being set so consistently it’s been almost “expected.”

But, alas. The market giveth the market taketh away, although only around 5%. The reason this market drop is causing such a raucous in the news is because we’ve been blissfully ignorant of the typical waves of ups and downs the stock market usually experiences. Especially over the last two years. Not to worry though, these moves are normal, and it’s better to have a down day or two, than to enter into a completely bear market for months or years.


Nothing to fear yet, just the pot blowing off some steam. Plus, everything is selling at a 2-7% discount! Buy up!