Recent Buy: OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors) – Repurchase at 14% Discount

Recent Buy: 12/5/17

Today, I purchased an additional 55 shares of OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors) for $26.9861/share or $1489.19. in total capital. I had 58 shares of OHI prior to this purchase in my Traditional IRA, bringing my total shares to 113. This increases my forward dividends by $143.00/year. By far my largest increase of forward dividends in a single purchase!

On my last purchase of OHI, I outlined the main reason for the sell off. It seems it’s still an issue that Wall St. doesn’t like. I don’t care, though. Baby Boomers are expected to  equal to about 20% of the population by 2029 and are they aren’t getting any younger.

Pervious guidance for recent stock price discount:  For Q3 of 2017, OHI underperformed what was expected by Wall St. consensus. The company missed their expected revenue figure by $44.4 million, despite being up 4.4% since the same time last year. These troubles stem from tenant, Orianna Health Systems is essentially behind on their rent. Trouble is, with the types of properties that OHI operates, you can’t simply close down and kick out current tenants because a large majority of them are the elderly with longterm care needs.

Invest on! It looks like another dividend growth investor, DivGro, also took advantage of the recent, additional sell off. Great minds think alike!

Total Forward Dividends: $961.98

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