A Utah Thanksgiving

Over the break, my boyfriend and I took a weeklong vacation in Park City, UT & Salt Lake City, UT. It was a great trip, despite a lack of enough snow to ski. Instead of just canceling the entire vacation, we decided to make the best of it and take our drone out for a spin over the the surreal landscapes of Utah.

Check out our video below and enjoy!


Milestone: MTCH (Match.com) 100% Gains

Today marked a relatively insignificant, but exciting milestone in my investing portfolio. my 26 shares of Match.com (MTCH) hit 100% profit, or more simply, I doubled my original investment. Granted, it was only $400 at the time, it marks my first stock to hit a double. I bought the stock back on 6/26/16, so my monthly average gains are about 5.9%, that’s pretty impressive considering it’s practically a blessing to see +8% gains per year! I have no plans to sell for any of the “unrealized” profit. (profits that you haven’t yet ‘claimed’ by selling a stock) I am in it for the long term 5+ years per stock and expect even greater returns form Match.com in the future.

Dividend Increase – TU (Telus)

Telus (TU) increased it’s quarterly dividend by 2.54% today, bringing its total quarterly dividend to $0.505/share up from $0.425/share. When companies increase their dividends with consistency, you can rest-assured that the company is making a profit and wants to share them with their shareholders.

Forward Yearly Dividends: $822.45

🚨 Alert – 1k Marriott Points Per Week 🚨

If you are a member of Marriott’s Rewards program, heck, even if you aren’t. You NEED to be taking advantage of their latest promotion. Anyone can sign up for a Marriott Rewards account, 100% free at Marriott.com You must add your twitter handle to your Marriott account in order to be rewarded. You can do this at Marriott.com after you create your account.

Every Sunday (football Sunday), Marriott’s twitter account is giving all it’s members the chance to earn 1,000 Marriott Points each week during football season. All you have to do is visit their twitter page every Sunday and answer a football related question. Simply “reply” to their tweet with the answer + #RewardsPoints. It’s really that easy. If you don’t know the answer, and can’t be bothered to “google it,” it’s simple enough to just look at others’ correct responses.

There are only 13 Sundays left in football season, so you can accumulate another 13,000 Marriott points by then, that’s almost enough for a free night!

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