Recent Buy: T (AT&T) – Repurchase

Recent Buy: 10/25/17

Today, I purchased an additional 21 shares of T (AT&T) for $33.49/share or $708.33 in total capital. I had 25 shares of T prior to this purchase bringing my total shares to 46. This increases my forward dividends by $41.46/year.

ATT suffered a big sell off back when I first posted that I was closely watching T.  Today, it dropped another ~4% after a not so investor friendly earnings report for Q3 ’17. It reported 74¢ earnings per share, but Wall St. was expecting it to be 1¢ higher. That might not sound that much, but when you take a penny of 6.4 billion shares currently in supply, its a bit of a shocker. The good thing though, AT&T managed to add more wireless subscribers than was expected. (1 million more, actually)

If I stick to my original thesis on buying for the long-term, this stock is only more of a sale. No reason to not buy more if the reason I first invested in T hasn’t changed. This is a long term investment, with a very nice dividend yield, to boot. There may be more short-term declines and possibly a bumpy ride, but it’s one I’m willing to take for the next 5-10 years.

I highly suggest other dividend investors follow suit. This stock hasn’t been this low since the beginning of 2016, and that was when the market was beaten down as a whole. When life gives you a %10 discount into your retirement, I take it.

Total Forward Dividends: $767.85

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