Recent Buy: GIS (General Mills)

Recent Buy: 10/23/17

On October 23rd, I purchased 27 shares of GIS (General Mills) for $51.91/share or $1401.66 in total capital. I had 0 shares of GIS prior to this purchase, so my total shares are 27. This increases my forward dividends by $52.92/year.

General Mills has been beat down in the last 52-weeks, dropping in value by about 14%. But, GIS is a dividend stalwart and has been paying a dividend for 119 years, consecutively. That’s serious commitment to shareholders, and I want in! They also pay out a very generous 3.77% yield at current price levels. I am happy to buy in at these discounted levels and ride out the temporary headwinds the’ve been facing as of late.

Forward yearly Dividends: $726.69 (almost to the $1k mark/year in dividends!)

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