Recent Buy: TU (Telus)

Recent Buy: 10/04/17

On October 4th, I purchased 13 shares of TU (Telus) for $36.33/share or $472.30 in total capital. I had 0 shares of TU prior to this purchase, so my total shares are 13. This increases my forward dividends by $25.61/year.


Telus is one of 4 major Canadian telecommunications companies, which all operate in a very competitive market similar to that of the US. In July of this year, Telus and Huawei worked together to build and test a 5g network and did so with outstanding results. They were able to achieve speeds up to 200x faster than the current LTE networks. This could result in homes being able to rely on wireless connectivity at speed comparable to a land line connection. (at current speeds)

Telus and Mojio have also worked together in creating a car-based wireless network allowing all vehicles to have super-fast connectivity to other cars. Think self-driving tech.

On top of these two catalysts for future growth, in May Telus paid for a large portion of Canada’s wireless spectrum in a nationwide auction for bandwidths. Telus spent C$478.82 million for 122 licenses in the 2.5 GHz band. (2.5Ghz allows for much greater distances the wireless signal can travel unobstructed and pairs nicely with their already existing bandwidths)

Pile all of that on a delicious 4.5% dividend yield for only $36.xx/share and I think we have a wonderful place to park some extra cash.

Dividend Yield: 4.5%.        Total Forward Dividends: $698.21

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