Recent Buy – ATVI (Activision Blizzard)

Recent Buy: 9/28/17

It’s been a while since my last purchase. Mainly because of some extra camera toys I purchased this month to help with travel videos.

Today, I purchased 10 shares of ATVI (Activision Blizzard) for $63.74/share or $634.20 in total capital. I had 24 shares of ATVI prior to this purchase, so my total shares are 34. This increases my forward dividends by $3.00/year.

This purchase is not a dividend play by any means. It has only a 0.48% yield. I have been invested in ATVI for over a year now, with gains coming close to 80%. But, I have good feelings regarding the potential for growth within this company. They recently completed the construction and sale of 11 e-sports teams to start competing for big bucks in e-sport competitions. ATVI has also released it’s latest hit game, (topping weekend sales this year) Destiny 2 and is scheduled to release the highly anticipated, WW2 themed, Call of Duty to pull in even more money from their hit franchise. Activision has also partnered with Amazon’s Twitch to stream the e-sport competitions for two years.

I’m expecting some serious earnings growth this year and would dare to bet we see the stock rise to the low to mid 70’s by end of year.

Dividend Yield: 0.48%.        Total Forward Dividends: $677.04

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