Camping Weekend – Horse Flats Campground, CA


Last Weekend, my partner and I, along with our mutual friend traveled about an hour and a half north into the Angeles Mountains to the Horse Flats Campground. Camping fees for the three days came to about $60.00, but we made the reservation online at This was our first time using to reserve a campsite and it seemed like a scam.

We were allowed to reserve a specific campground when we we’re booking our weekend online at the aforementioned site. But, when we arrived at the campground, there is a HUGE sign that specifically states that, “no reservations are allowed.”  Hmmm… Okay… but I just made a reservation online… and with a .(dot)GOV website.

Go figure, there was already a group of campers in our “reserved” site.

None of us wanted to be “those people” that try to uproot an already settled set of campers, so we drove around the campsite 2 or 3 times before settling on a site that didn’t look occupied yet. We were NOT about to pay AGAIN for our campsite, so we simply grabbed a parking slip from the front gate area (no-one attends the front gate), stuck it under our windshield and crossed our fingers. I am all for supporting our national parks and campgrounds, but I’m not about to let a “government” website say I can reserve something and charge me for it, when in actuality you are required to pay on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Turns out, it was fine. A park ranger even did a sweep of the campgrounds one day and never said a word. Win.

It was a great weekend with friends and our dog, Juno. Enjoy the video!

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