Recent Buy: OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors)

Recent Buy: 7/28/17

Today, I purchased 21 shares of OHI (Omega Healthcare Investors) for $31.12/share or $653.44 in total capital. I had 0 shares of OHI prior to this purchase. This increases my forward dividends by $53.76/year.

There was speculation that if the President had successfully repealed the Affordable Care Act, OHI would have seen a massive sell-off. The speculative reason for this would be that OHI receives a large majority of their income from Medicare and Medicare was anticipated to see massive budget cuts. Because the repeal was unsuccessful, and because OHI saw a ~2%-3% drop after it released Q2 earnings, I saw a buying opportunity. Hopefully I’m right.

Total Forward Dividends: $604.48

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