The Start: Day 1 – FI (Financial Independence)

It was a year ago that I made the decision to start on my path to financial independence or FI for short. 1/29/2016 to be exact. I’ll call it my late New Years resolution, for the rest of my career.

The idea being, to save enough money to afford to live without a full time job whilst (did I use that right?) being able to travel, explore, and meet people and ideas I never would have otherwise. See the millennial coming out?

Millennials have moved past the idea of white-picket fence homes, a typical “nuclear” family, and even getting married in a lot of cases. It’s a new generation of people who would rather spend money on experiences than material goods.

And I say AMEN to that!

That is, after all, the point behind starting this blog. Not only will it build a foundation of habits and knowledge that can be built upon to construct your own fortress of financial independence to do what you want, but it will also focus on the more fun parts of saving money, like all the traveling it can unlock or so you don’t have to work so fucking long and hard all your life. And the best part about it, we can do it TOGETHER.

So, let’s take the first steps and dive head first into the FI world and start learning about what is actually required (mathematically & otherwise) to achieve our individual goals.

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