Welcome to Dividend Traveler

Welcome to Dividend Traveler, an early retirement/financial independence resource for building a fortress of passive income and creating an environment to fuel early retirement and financial independence (with lots of travel on the side).

Early retirement was a new concept for me a little over a year ago and still is. It sounded ethereal and unobtainable, something that was reserved for the ruthless and money hungry 1 percent’ers or those few lucky souls, that we all secretly despise deep down, who came across a financial windfall such as a lottery win or lucky jackpot pull on a slot machine. *Side note: My biggest slot machine win was $261.59, on a penny slot! Take that Danny Ocean!


Now, before we get into the endless different ways you can shift your lifestyle around to achieve the elusive early retirement, I want to be completely transparent in my own lifestyle, my expenses, my current wealth and savings, and show you that I am certainly NOT the shining beacon of the early retirement guru’s to follow. If you want that, go here and check out other financial blogs I subscribe to, there are a TON of fantastic bloggers out there.

This blog is partly going to be a way for me to encourage myself and track my own lifestyle changes, but also to lay out some of basic concepts that are required before you can step into the world of financial independence and early retirement. Traveling is also a big part of my life now, and I am constantly tossing the idea around of living in a converted Bus/Van for at least some part of my early retirement. We’ll see where that goes.

Let’s get started, shall we?


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